Al salam-Alikum, I hope all is well for you and your Families. My Egyptian brothers and sisters, I am counting on all of you to call your friends and invite them to be active participants in the Society of Egyptian Americans (SEA) events and activities.        

Let’s come together and have more successful events to bring our beautiful community closer. Please get involved, be an active participant in the success of building a stronger future for our community, our people!

Without the efforts put on by each and every individual, it would not be possible for communities to achieve any great goal, Our community is only as great as the families it’s made of, “I urge you”, brothers and sisters to strive for greatness, not only for yourselves, but for all us, let’s give our-selves more to be proud of, let’s be role models for other communities; It is our duty to our-selves, our children, our countrymen and our motherland.


Suliman Ahmad Suliman

President of The Society of Egyptian Americans