The Society of Egyptian Americans is a non-profit social organization dedicated to strengthening the Egyptian community in the United States.

In early 2009, a group of concerned individuals sat down to address the issue of how infrequent social gatherings were for the Egyptian American community. They felt the need to experience the sort of cultural identity and relaxed camaraderie that the rare social gatherings provided, but on a more regular basis. Out of this meeting came the first thoughts of creating an organization to facilitate these sorts of gatherings - and to strengthen the Egyptian American community as a whole.

On April 18, 2009 the Society of Egyptian Americans was founded, and since then it has been working diligently to improve and reinforce the Egyptian community, both in California and elsewhere in the world.

SEA Mission Statement

The MISSION of SEA is to unite and promote communication, understanding, cooperation, and coordination among members of the Egyptian-American community by creating a healthy, social enviroment for Egyptian-Americans to preserve the Egyptian heritage and identity. Strengthen the bonds between U.S. Egyptians and the motherland, and to become an integral part of the American, pluralistic landscape and contribute to the cultural, social, economic, and religious enrichment of the community.

رسالة الرابطه المصريه

تهدف الرابطه المصريه الى العمل على توحيد و تعزيز التواصل و التفاهم و التعاون بين أبنائها من المصريين الأمريكيين من خلال توفير مناخ أجتماعى متميز يسهم بدوره فى الحفاظ على التراث و الشخصيه المصريه. و كذلك العمل على تقوية الروابط بين أبنائها ووطنهم الأم ( مصرنا الحبيبه) من جهه، و من جهة أخرى  الأضطلاع بدور ريادى فى تنمية و نهوض مجتمعهم الأمريكى المتعدد الثقافات و الأسهام الأيجابى فى النواحى الحضاريه و الأجتماعيه و الأقتصاديه و الدينيه لهذا المجتمع