About Us

Society of Egyptian Americans (SEA) الرابطه المصريه


Is to unite and promote communication, understanding, cooperation, and coordination among members of the Egyptian-American community by creating a healthy, social environment for Egyptian¬-Americans to preserve the Egyptian heritage, Arabic language and identity, strengthen the bonds between U.S. Egyptians and the motherland, and to become an integral part of the American, pluralistic landscape and contribute to the cultural, social, economic, and religious enrichment of the American society.

 The Goal

Of Al-Rabitah Al-Misriyah/SEA is to safeguard and promote Egyptian heritage and its peaceful values in the United States of America and to advance the Egyptian identity of the future generations of Egyptian Americans through its educational programs and community building activities.

Creed and Resources

Al-Rabitah Al-Misriyah/SEA is neither affiliated with nor supports by any sect or political ideology that overtly or covertly deviates from the true and authentic principles of Egyptian or American values.


Al-Rabitah Al-Misriyah/SEA is not affiliated currently with any other organization. Future affiliations, if needed, will be recommended by the Council and approved by a two/thirds (2/3) majority of the General Body’s Voting members.


Al-Rabitah Al-Misriyah/SEA will not carry out or perform or allow any activities that are not permitted to be carried out by an organization that is exempt from Federal Income Tax under Section 501 (C)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1954, as now in force or afterwards amended.